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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Getty

Last Sunday, we decided to go to the Getty museum. I loved it. The highlight was a medieval exhibition that covered 1300 years of art treasures:Early Christian and Byzantine - Early Medieval - High Gothic - Late Medieval.
It was an amazing feeling to closely examine a book written by a medieval priest 1000 years ago. My hands itched to trace the black brush strokes, the tiny cracks in the faded paper, and the glint of gold ink used to highlight the designs that adorned the borders of each page. I could not help but go back in time and watch the priest writing with utmost patience.
After the tour, we took a coffee break outside to enjoy the view of the Getty's gardens. By the time we decided to head home, the museum was shrouded with a thick layer of fog that elevated the feel of the medieval era. You can read more about the Getty here.

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