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Friday, November 16, 2007

Oldest human portrait

This gentleman's name was Robert Cornelius. He produced the world's first human self-portrait. According to Wiki :

With his own knowledge of chemistry and metallurgy, as well as the help of chemist Paul Beck Goddard, Cornelius attempted to perfect the daguerreotype. Around October 1839, Cornelius took a portrait of himself outside of the family store. The daguerreotype produced shows an off center portrait of a man with crossed arms and tousled hair. This self-portrait of Robert Cornelius is the first photograph of a human to be produced.


bakkouz said...

His name was Robert Cornelius... His name was Robert Cornelius.. His name was Robert Cornelius.

(Fight club reference if you haven't figured it out) :P

Lulu said...

Hi bakkouz,

"Gasp"...I haven't watched the movie yet :)


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