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Monday, January 7, 2008

Meditating with my mother

My mother and I stood alone at the entrance of the house late at night. It was pitch dark except for a street lamp that kindled the top of the winding road up the hill. The gloomy sky rained profusely earlier, and rain drops glittered on the lawn that adorned the front yard. We breathed the earthy smell of wet soil and basked in a moment of silence. My mother, clad in her woolen jacket and knitted scarf, titled her head up and murmured in wonder. "Look!" she said pointing to the sky. I looked up just in time to see the clouds shifting and revealing a flawless piece of starry sky. The stars burned intensely and contrasted beautifully with their dark aura.
I felt peaceful and relaxed. Being taller than my mother did not stop me from resting my head on top of her shoulder. We stood there for a long time meditating. We became two tiny figures in the center of a snow globe that churned up a shower of shooting stars every time the earth moved beneath our feet.

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