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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Missing Body Parts of 10 Famous People

The Missing Body Parts of 10 Famous People is an interesting article by Mental Floss that shows how body parts of famous people around the world ended in the most unexpected places.

One example is #6 - Saint Catherine of Siena’s Finger:

Ever think you’re going to pieces? Saint Catherine feels your pain. After the holy woman died in 1380, her body became an object of veneration. Pilgrims believed touching her miraculously unrotted flesh could heal illnesses and bring them closer to God, so they flocked to visit the body from all over Europe. Eventually, the Catholic Church laid Catherine to rest - part of her, at least. Before she was buried, one of her followers removed a finger (along with a few teeth and other various and sundry body parts). Meanwhile Pope Urban VI got a similar idea and took her head. Today, both finger and head are on display at San Domenico Church in Siena, Italy. The rest of her is beneath the main altar at Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church in Rome.

Saint Catherine's head - Source: Vittoe

Saint Catherine's finger - Source: Curious Expiditions

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