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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dilemma of Buying My First DSLR

With all the brands available in the market right now, choosing my first DSLR camera can be a bit challenging. I finally decided to move from the point-and-shoot territory to the DSLR territory. As a result, I started researching on the types of camera out there and reading a lot of reviews online. I really liked what I read about the Canon Rebel XTi camera. I also stumbled on an interesting article that reveals the truth about the mega pixel myth.

Any tips or advice, my friends?


Nana0190 said...

Im so glad that i read your post about the megapixel. Yup, i really thought that the quality of the picture taken depends on MP. I was planning to buy a camera as i really like to take photos. Thank you for sharing your information and i appreciate it so much :)

Hani Obaid said...

DSLR cameras are too complicated for me.

I use a Sony DSC-H9 because I like the 15X optical zoom, and in the right mode it can take photos at night without flash that look like they were taken in day light (strobe).

Unfortunately, it's a bit bulky.


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