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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How We Said Happy Mother's Day

She proudly showed me how to operate the new washing machine she bought. My mother and I stood between piles of white and colored dirty laundry in the tiny laundry room and scrutinized the operating manual sheet. My mother passed her hand on the gleaming silver panel of the drier and sighed contently. "Isn't it she a beauty?" she exclaimed happily. "Er..yeah..very," I complied.

My sister passed the door and shot me her you-better-be-ready look. I nodded discreetly over my mother's head. My youngest brother stuck his head in the door and smiled sheepishly. He took one look at my face and sobered immediately. When my mother turned her back at him, he winked at me and disappeared again. He followed my sister again as she walked in to the laundry room holding a small jewelry box.

"Happy Mother's Day !" We all sang in one voice.

Mother: Aww...

She opened the box and gazed at the ring we bought her.

Mother: It's beautiful. I love it.

My brother, feeling the attention steering away from him, pushed a red envelope into her hands.

Brother: Mama..Mama..I made this at school for you.

My mother gave me and my sister her amused please-cheer-for-your-brother look.

The three of us, crammed in the small space, expressed ecstatic admiration for his cute little card.

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