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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sane People are Everywhere

God, I felt exhausted. I worked too much the past two weeks, and I had to deal with some stressful issues that won't be over for at least days to come. I felt emotionally drained and tired when I reached home after work. I only had a moment to sit at the edge of my bed when my sister walked into my room and asked if I am ready to go out. I grimaced because I remembered that I promised to hang out with her that evening. I looked at her and wanted to tell her to leave me alone, but the expectant look on her face stopped me from doing that. I reluctantly put on my shoes and headed outside with her.

We went to Coffee Beans and chose two seats next to the window. I only had one sip of my coffee when a disheveled man pulled up a chair and sat on the patio outside - right across from us . He sat so close that if it weren't for the glass, you would think him sitting at our table. I could not pay close attention to what my sister was saying because the man kept fidgeting with his seat and table. Suddenly, he tapped his finger on the glass. We turned our heads, and he smiled and waved his hand.

"Oookay...we got a friendly fellow here." I said.

We resumed our conversations. The man stood up and started swaying and dancing like he was in a trance or something.

"I think he is drunk." My sister said.

He tapped his fingers on the glass again and waved happily.

My blood pressure started to rise. He ignored my sister completely and gave me his undivided attention.

He crouched on the ground right next to me, stuck his face against the glass, and winked. He waved his arms, shook his head, mouthed unintelligible words, and batted his eyelashes.

Eh..why can't I enjoy a cup of coffee for god's sake?

My sister choked on her coffee trying not to laugh.

Me:"What's funny?"

Sister: "He likes you!"

I tried to ignore him as best as I could, but he kept tapping on the glass to make me look his way.

That's it! I could not take it anymore. When he was least expecting it, I suddenly stood up pushing my chair back noisily. He jumped and started running like the devils where chasing him.


Anonymous said...

looool the part where he was acting up made me giggle. Gosh, these guys come in the worst times!

Lulu said...

batoul: yes! You have no idea how he ruined my coffee break.

Tololy said...

I thought what he did was cute...We need creative guys like that around here.

Lulu said...

tololy: It might be true if the guy was not about 45 years old.


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