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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Earthquake Fun

I thought I became dizzy when my desk and monitor started shaking slightly. The shaking stopped for a breadth of a second then the dreaded tremors hit. The walls and the cubicles started swaying. I put my hand on the edge of my seat and held my breath. "Please God, don't let this one be the big one," I prayed silently. My mind went blank for a second then my thoughts went to my family at home. Gasps and exclamations rose from the cubicles surrounding me. I looked at the opposite building through the glass window from the 4th floor where I was sitting. I watched in fascination as the glass windows of the other building vibrated. It lasted about 20 seconds but it felt forever. It was a bitter reminder of the power of nature that we choose to forget.

Did anyone feel the Los Angeles earthquake when it hit on Tuesday?

1 comment:

kinzi said...

Hey Lulu, I did!! I posted about it, too, although we were in Fountain Valley.

I was praying the same thing you were!! And trying to keep a calm demeaner for my kids. :S


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