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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Story Behind The Picture: The Priest and The Dying Soldier

This photo was the winner of world press photo of the year: 1962. It was taken by Héctor Rondón Lovera at in Venezeula of a dying soldier clinging to chaplain Luis Padillo.

Braving the streets amid sniper fire, to offer last rites to the dying, the priest encountered a wounded soldier, who pulled himself up by clinging to the priest's cassock, as bullets chewed up the concrete around them. Rondón Lovera, who had to lie flat to avoid getting shot, later said that he was unsure how he managed to take this picture.

Photo Source: Dismal World

Despite the danger surrounding him, Luis Padillo walked around giving last rites to dying soldiers:

Photo Source: hectorrondonlovera

Photo Source: hectorrondonlovera

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