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Friday, March 21, 2008

Flickr Magic Moments III

A magnificent photo captured by LalliSig. He called it "It´s Written In The Stars." LalliSig writes:

I got real lucky with the borealis with this one, stumbled upon this farm just as the borealis lit up and couldn´t resist taking a picture. Think this is my favorite photo in February along with "The Pedestrian" I swear, no photo manipulation here, all I did was some curves adjustments and then sharpened after resizing. I almost think there are too many stars in this one but not like I was going to edit them out,hehe. Can anyone spot the three shooting stars?

You can click on the photo to go to its Flickr page.


za3tar said...


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh my GOD! you took this?!!?!?
I've posted before about how I hope to get to see ones in real life and how im so fascinated with them.. This is like za3tar said, absolutely breathtaking, it's gorgeous!

Lulu said...

za3tar: It is magnificent, isn't it?

batoul: No, I did not take it (I wish :)). As I pointed out, it was taken by LalliSig. You can click on his name to go to his Flickr acount and see the rest of his amazing photos.


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