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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Andrea Bocelli ...magic with no limits

Listening to Andrea Bocelli live is an experience that every self-respecting lover of classical music should go through once in a lifetime at least. I started having goose bumps the minute our group stepped into the huge Honda Center in Anaheim, and I heard his soaring voice booming through the gigantic speakers behind the closed doors. We were late already. When we heard the rising cheers after the end of one of the opera songs, we started running fast. We laughed and almost bumped into each other excitedly trying to make our way to our seats before missing more of the performance. The minute I sat down and looked toward the stage, I became truly and utterly mesmerised. I was lost in the majestic music, the heavenly voice of Andrea, and the gorgeous themes that played on the huge projected screens.
I could hear the catch of breath rising in the arena-like hall every time his voice rose. People applauded, hailed, and stood in reverence for Mr. Bocelli.

Oh Andrea...how can you capture an audience of thousands so effortlessly? How can you send the souls of the crowd soaring into the highest sky? How can you command a stage so powerfully?

This is a video I captured of Andrea Bocelli performing my favorite "Canto della terra" with the amazing Heather Headley. Unfortunately, the quality of video is not good, and my camera decided to play tricks of blurriness; nevertheless, this is a taste of what it was like to be in the presence of Mr. Bocelli.


Tololy said...

That's fantastic! You're so lucky to have been at a Bocelli concert, I am green with envy ...

Lulu said...

Yes, it was amazing. I hope you get the chance to see him one day too.


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