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Friday, December 7, 2007

Favorite Photographers Part# 3:

I had the chance to come across a great photoblog that belongs to Kathleen Connally. A walk through Durham township, Pennsylvania is Kathleen's latest project to document the lively details of her lovely town. In her blog, Kathleen says:

I began this photoblog to visually document the residents, visitors, plants, animals, architecture, landscapes and farm life of Durham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (where I live), and nearby areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Unless noted, all photos are taken within a ten-mile radius of my home.

What I love about the photos is the dreamy look. When gazing at each photo, you get lost in the colors, expressions, and light. There are also the different faces, the gentle nature, and the cute
animals. You can visit Kathleen's blog here.

Copyright 2007 Kathleen Connally

Copyright 2007 Kathleen Connally

Copyright 2007 Kathleen Connally

Copyright 2007 Kathleen Connally


M.Shaltaf said...

Great photos and fantastic site
I also like these photos

there is many dreamy & heartening photos
Did you visit this blog? I love it

Lulu said...

I am glad you liked it. The topart blog is great. I love the way they analyze each painting and how they provide the readers with a background about the artist.


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