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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Having a stomach of steel

It is disgusting and marvelous at the same time to watch Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild series snacking on a variety of..err..tasty stuff. The popular Discovery Channel series features Grylls demonstrating much-needed surviving skills when lost or faced with dangerous situations. The show is being accused by many of having its episodes staged or settings faked, but I am not going into that.
I want to talk about that part of every episode when Grylls redefines the "edible" term. Always raw and mostly alive: snakes, spiders, bugs, frogs, carcass maggots, scorpions, sheep eyeballs, elephant dung, feces, and zebra meat somehow find their way to Gryll's tough stomach. I always watch in horror and fascination as the camera zooms in on his mouth and he starts chewing, gnawing, or chumping on his latest victim.

The best part comes when he comments on what he eats right after he swallows it. His comments range from pleasantries to giving us a mental vision of how it tastes like:

"Mmm..like big prunes sitting around for weeks..not particularly appetizing." - After eating a maggot.
"Mmm..good meal." - After swallowing a raw snake.
"Tastes like guts and brain." - After eating a crucifix spider.
"God..it is like chewing a gristle full of cold glue."- After eating a dead sheep eye.

(Warning: If you are about to have a meal or you've just eaten one, I advise you to watch these videos later.)
Watch him here munching on a tiger scorpion:

And here where he nibbles on a small tree frog:


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