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Friday, December 21, 2007

Online museum of unknown photographs

I like to flip through old photos, it fills me with a peaceful feeling of reconnection. Even if I don't recognize the people or the places captured, I get a chance to break away from the present and glance through the eyes of the person who snapped the photo into the past.

Skarabej is an interesting website that has an archive of unknown photos. According to the people who established Skarabej:

We found most of the photographs which you can see rejected, forgotten or lost at flea markets, old attics, in basements or junk heaps in Prague(Cz), Zagreb(Cro), Travnik(BiH) and in Subotica(SiCg). Smaller ammount has been given to us as a gift or ceded for scanning by our friends or acquaintances. We are still looking for new photographs...

The photos are taken from Skarabej.

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